At the beginning of this year, Ando`s is working hard for the important national project. (update 26 April 2017)
Recent report about Mr. Andre Brasilier
Yesterday, I talked with Mr. Brasilier in Paris on the phone. Now he is spending a fulfilling life in making new paintings energetically for this coming October Exhibition in New York. In his letter of February, he recommended me to come to New York together with my family at the reception in October. (update 26 April 2017)
Andre Brasilier Exhibition in Paris after 11 years
This Exhibition was held after the retrospective exhibition which was held at the cultural facilities of Mitsukoshi Etoile at Paris in March 2006 by Ando’s. At the reception held on 31st March 2016, Mr. Giscard d’Estaing, former president and a long time friend of Mr. Brasilier attended. On the next day, I had a dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Brasiler followed with the meeting at their home.(update 8 April 2016)
Registration for the library of The National Art Center, Tokyo
The catalog of Andre Brasilier Exhibitions in Paris planned and held by Ando's, and the catalogs of Exhibitions regularly held in the main cities of Japan, were registered for the library of the National Art Center, Tokyo by the request of Ando's. You can read them at the Museum of the Art Library (3rd floor) of Tokyo Roppongi Midtow (update: 22.May 2014)
Christie's special preview
The most important auction in spring will be held in New York on May 6th. Earlier this Exhibition, they held the special preview in Tokyo on April 11th. Looking at Monet's “Nympheas” and other 10 masterpieces, I could have exchanging information with Ms.C., the representative from New York. I introduced her the plan of establishing Brasilier's Museum. (update: 11.April 2014)
Exhibition of Brasilier in Swiss
The Exhibition of Andre Brasilier will be held in Geneva from March 27th. 30 paintings centered around new oil paintings were exhibited. One of them, “Sortie du Bois”, gives us the feeling of painter's sincere mission to find and paint the beautiful things existing in this world. (update: 15.March 2014)
Auction Report
Sotheby's Auction was held in London on February 6th. Oil painting (size 100) of Andre Brasilier was made a successful bid for ¥17.300.000. The total amount of contract price made the highest record of February. (update: 7.Feb 2014)
Move of Ando's office, New project of Brasilier
Ando's moved its office to Mita hill, close to Tokyo Tower, from Ginza. It has been 40 years passed since the establishment of Ando's office, and the time has come to found a Museum of Andre Brasilier. This plan will be a compilation of 34 years since I first time met with Mr. Brasilier at Chateau de Chenonceau. (update: 7.Feb 2014)
News flash of auction
2 oil paintings of André Brasilier were made successful bid for high prices at spring Sotheby's Auction in New York on May 8th 2013, which is most important through the year.
"White horses" 114×162cm (100) - 161.000USD
"Large bouquet before the sea" 89×116cm (50) - 112.500USD
Prices for both paintings including tax, shipment and insurance will be much higher than the sales prices of Ando's in Japan. International reputation of André Brasilier is definitely heightened.
(update: 21.May, 2013)

" White horses"

"Large bouquet before the sea"
Return ceremony of Gustave Courbet's masterpiece
Gustave Courbet (1819-1877), 19th century painter, loved his hometown, Ornans, all his life and painted its nature and people. The greatest masterpiece which Courbet painted the giant tree in his territory is “Le chêne de Flagey1864”(Oak tree of Flagey). This masterpiece had been owned by the collectors in the United States of America and in Japan for quite a long time, and this time could return to the painter's homeland, Ornans, after more than 100 years had passed.
Returned ceremony of
“Le chêne de Flagey, organized by French Government and Ministry of Culture, was held on a grand scale at the Courbet Museum in Ornans, Doubs, in order to celebrate the success of this magnificent national project. By the request of French government, the representative of our company attended this ceremony as the person in charge of this great project from Japanese side. After the ceremony, directrice Les services de l'administration centrale Direction des Musees de France took me to the short tour to Mt. Jura which Courbet was fond of painting.(update: 9.April 2013)

Courbet Museum




Visit Mr.Brasilier's residence in Paris
On March 7th 2013, I visited Mr. and Mrs. Brasilier in Paris in order to have a meeting concerning our mutual current situation and coming projects, including their son, Alexis.
I found several new oil paintings in his atelier (some of which are on the way of painting), and could easily understand the importance of daily work in painting through Mr. Brasilier's talk. He gave me the strong impression of his will to push forward with his painting for the future.
It has been 2 years passed since the mega-quake attacked Tohoku, but Mr. and Mrs. Brasilier are still worrying about the health of victims and desire their safety, reconstruction and regeneration of the disaster area.
.(update: 9.April 2013)
◇ANDO'S engage in a project concerning French National Treasure
Gustave Courbet is a painter representing the 19th century, pioneer of realism, and whom also had a great influence on the Impressionists.  His emblematic masterpiece is possessed by a museum in Tokyo. There has been plans to sell this “Le chêne de Flagey(The Flagey Oak Tree) painted in 1864, and our company has been engaging in this project since the past few years. With considerations that France should purchase this painting, our company have been making direct proposals to the French side.
On February 28th of this year, an interested party including Mr. Claude Jeannerot, President of the general Council of Doubs and Senator, and the director of The Courbet Museum visited Japan and has decided that the government will purchase this masterpiece as the principle painting of The Courbet Museum.In addition to governmental funding, donation has been collected from the residents and companies.  More than 50% of the amount necessary for the purchase has been already collected.
The National Consultative Commission of National Treasures consisting several ministries was held on September 19th, and “Le Ch
êne de Flagey” was approved as a national treasure (important cultural property). Consequently, the government will be holding a fund raising party on October 17th where influential Mecenat companies will be invited.  A 90% tax deduction will be applied to this donation. This is a grand project of our company promoting art and cultural exchange between Japan and France. Today, the 10th of October, this project will be officially announced to the press by the government (Minstry of Culture) in Paris.
(update: 10.October, 2012)

Louvre Museum Exhibition at the disaster area of Japan [to express firm solidarity to Japan]
[Paris Kyodo] According to France Public Radio, the authorities of Paris Louvre Museum announced on 12th to open the exhibitions of its collection at 3 disaster cities including Fukushima from the end of April, in order to express solidarity to Japan.
The Museum will exhibit altogether 23 pieces from French artists of 18 to 19 centuries and paintings, sculptures, dessins from another era. It will tour 3 places from April 27th to September 17th.
(update: 17.January 2012)
André Brasilier Exhibition at Albi in Southwest France
André Brasilier Exhibition will be held from September 17th to October 9th 2011 at the Museum of Albi where the beautiful buildings of red bricks line the street. This is the Exhibition of new oil paintings with the retrospective paintings. It takes about 6 hours from Paris by train. (update: 3.August, 2011)

◇Report from Paris and Prague
For 2 weeks from the middle of October, I visited Paris and Prague. In Paris, I had a regular meeting at the apartment of Mr.Brasirier. On the easel in his atelier, I found the magnificent oil painting of sky and sea in two colors, blue and green.
After the exhibition at Château de Chenonceau by 28th of this month, they are planning to hold another exhibition in Germany, in Switzerland and in other countries. In addition, I had an important meeting with my business partner in Paris.
In Prague, I visited a diplomat couple who is our close friend for long times. The wife, a descendant of Hapsburg family, presides over supporting activities of guide dogs and social welfare activities internationally.
(update: 30.November, 2010)

Mr.&Mrs. Brasirier, Paris
André Brasilier Exhibition
The reception of André Brasilier Exhibition at Château de Chenonceau was held at the hall of this castle in the evening of June 12th 2010.
40 master-pieces of oil paintings were exhibited and almost 300 people were invited at reception. From Japan, the president of Ando's attended, was also invited to the family dinner party held by the chatelain and spent wonderful time till midnight. Every year, lots of travelers from Japan visit this Château de Chenonceau. This will be a good opportunity to know André Brasilier's world. The session will be by November 28th 2010.
(update:22 June, 2010)

The reception of Exhibition

The reception of Exhibition



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